Inspiron E8150, the D620 & D630's Clone.

The Inspiron E8150 is a clone of the Dell Latitude D620 & D630 from August 2006.


Windows 10 Advanced Pro (now). Windows XP Home Edition 2001 (old)

Intel Core 2 Duo (2009 sticker) + Intel Itanium 3 GHz + AMD64 Atheon X2

5 GB of RAM

240 GB Hard Drive

14.2" LCD or 14.2" LED 12 point multi-touch screen.



Backlit Keyboard (Fn, Right)

Inspiration Start (by turning laptop light on) left


Inspiration Boot.

Very Hard to Break/SMASH


Reguar Boot

Very FAST!

Takes 13 Hours to get hot,even when gaming!

Takes 51 Hours for battery to DIE!

DVD Multi Recorder/DVD-RW/CD-RW Drive

Floppy Drive comes with Computer


In April 14, 2014 support for Windows XP was stopped. All laptops were updated to Windows 7 BUsiness and recently got upgraded freely to Windows 10 Advanced Pro.


I give credit to Dell for making the Inspiron series, the Latitude D620 & D630.

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