Thanks to Intel for making the Intel Itanium Series of microprocessors.

Released in 2004.

Specs (Released January 1, 2004)Edit

1026 GHz

128 bit supported

External Graphics Cards

4-D Graphics 64bit Graphics

32,64 bit supported by emulator

Second Esition (Released January 1, 2014)Edit

1.5 THz 

30 Core

128 bit supporeted

64 bit supported with emulator

32 bit supported with external emulator

4-D 128 bit Graphics Supported

External Graphics Card


Itanium 9580,



 Processor SocketEdit

Sokets Supported:

Cartridge AAA1098 Slot AAA108

Socket AAA105

Thanks ToEdit

Thanks To Intel for making the Intel Itanium Architecture and microprocessor.

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